July 23, 2024

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Random: Fan Recreates Pokémon Yellow In Link’s Awakening-Style 3D

Random: Fan Recreates Pokémon Yellow In Link’s Awakening-Style 3D

We Pokémon fans have honestly spoiled the remakes in the past. From Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Way back in 2004 to recently Shiny diamonds and shiny pearlsIf there’s one thing we like, it’s just playing the same game over again little bit different appearance.

One fan took this mission statement and ran with it. Posted on their YouTube channel, Bukebro Spent the past two weeks trying to reshape yellow pokemon 3D and the results are very impressive.

The full video (found above) shows that this was no simple task. Much like CodyCantEatThisProject from last year – Where it was redesigned pokemon red and blue – The Pokebro video sees the designer remake popular locations like Pallet Town, Viridian City, and Route 2, you guessed it, in 3D.

The artist refers to Link Awakening Remake as the main inspiration for their final product, and we can definitely spy hints from the tourist In fragile voxel art. On top of these eye-catching sprites, the rebuild also adds some new mechanics to the game. This includes the early stage pokemon scarlet and violet‘Let’s Go’ system where Pikachu will leave you to perform wild showdown battles, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus-esque Poké ball throw graphic.

By adding these features to the project’s mini-game feel, Pokebro’s design made us sort of hope for another (typical) remake. The video, unfortunately, is just a video at the moment and it doesn’t Technically It works as a playable game. While it’s unlikely that Pokémon will switch to this HD-retro style for their games in the future, there’s no harm in keeping our fingers crossed.

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What do you think of this new method? Submit your Pikachu in the comments to let us know!