July 20, 2024

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Random: Of course “This Is Miyamoto” has become a meme

Random: Of course “This Is Miyamoto” has become a meme
Photo: Nintendo

We are sure that Delayed Super Mario animated movie Send shock waves around the world. The movie was originally on track for a December 22 release, and the movie—starring Chris Pratt as the Italian plumber—was pushed back to April 2023. In the early hours of the morning (for many of us!), Shigeru Miyamoto and Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri put together phrases to communicate this Poisonous mushrooms to ardent fans.

Miyamoto’s statement, in particular, inspired many online, because of course it was. In case you missed it, here is the statement from the Nintendo Twitter account:

“This is Miyamoto. After consulting with Chris San, my partner in Illumination about Super Mario Bros., we have decided to move the global release to Spring 2023 – April 28 in Japan and April 7 in North America. My deepest apologies but I promise you it will be worth the wait.”

Sounds like an inconspicuous and innocuous statement, right? Well, except for the “This is Miyamoto” part. Lots of people saw the crafting and thought it was a parody account – lighting did a graph and all that, after all! But people soon realized that Miyamoto’s statement actually came from the official Nintendo America account, verified and all that.

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Given the mixed reactions to the movie and the cast’s announcements last year, maybe Nintendo was really messing with us.

Or maybe some of us just wanted to say hi to the guy who created Mario.

There are also suggestions that something sinister may be going on on Nintendo.

Or maybe Miyamoto is secretly hiding a grudge because of some misleading opinions about him Wind Wicker When the trailer first came out.

Many also chose the statement to create some very hilarious memes. We think there will be enough to keep us busy over the next year.

There are already a lot of current Nintendo memes out there, so many have adapted them to fit the movie’s delay, including one Famous Miyamoto Quotes.

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The delay may actually be due to Accelerating the success of Sonic the Hedgehog 2?

And crows crows – he who brings Stanley proverb: Ultra Deluxe To switch tomorrow – take the opportunity to promote his upcoming release behind this statement.

We don’t think we’ve gotten tired of this for a while, and it’s been awhile since the new Nintendo meme has been swept by a storm.

Do you have a favourite? Share them below if you have!