June 16, 2024

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Reddit-OpenAI deal: ChatGPT gets access to the social media platform

Reddit-OpenAI deal: ChatGPT gets access to the social media platform

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Comment on the photo, Reddit launched its shares in New York two months ago

  • author, Joao da Silva
  • Role, Business reporter

Shares of Reddit jumped more than 10% after the company said it had struck a partnership deal with artificial intelligence startup OpenAI.

Under the agreement, the company behind ChatGPT will gain access to Reddit content, while also bringing AI-powered features to the social media platform.

This announcement highlights Reddit’s efforts to expand its revenue streams beyond advertising.

Deal It also comes as a growing number of copyright owners face legal challenges over AI companies’ use of their material.

The BBC has contacted Google, Microsoft and OpenAI for comment.

In recent months, OpenAI has also agreed deals with several publishers, including the Associated Press and the Financial Times.

Meanwhile, Google announced a partnership in February that allows the tech giant to access Reddit data to train its AI models.

In both the EU and the US, there are questions about whether training AI tools on such content constitutes copyright infringement, or whether it falls under the fair use and “temporary copying” exceptions.

The issue is being tested in court in the US, in several legal cases separately representing people such as Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, comedian Sarah Silverman, and the New York Times.

GPT-4o will be rolled out to all ChatGPT users, including non-subscribers, the company said.

The new version can read and discuss images, translate languages, and recognize emotions through visual expressions. There is also a memory so you can remember previous prompts.