May 18, 2024

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Rep. Jamie Raskin urges the NFL to release the results of Mary Jo White’s investigation into the captains

Rep. Jamie Raskin urges the NFL to release the results of Mary Jo White’s investigation into the captains

The NFL has repeatedly vowed to release the outcome of Attorney Mary Jo White’s investigation of the Washington leaders. On Friday, a congressman urged the NFL to make good on its promise.

via Washington PostRep. Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) sent a two-page letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding the matter.

Raskin said he was “happy” with the “declared commitment to complete transparency”, and that he expected the league to live up to its promise.

“I am writing in connection with the National Football League . mail. “It has been over a year since you pledged to “share the results of this investigation,” however, to date, no part of the information has been released to the public. In light of the imminent sale of Chain of Command, I urge you to honor your commitment to publish the entire report and “take action.” Additional disciplinary action, if necessary.

Goodell has said repeatedly that the report will be made public — unlike attorney Beth Wilkinson’s report, which was swept under the rug with a quick summary made public on July 1, 2021.

“As I acknowledged earlier, with one of the foremost platforms in America, the NFL is rising even higher, and rightly so,” Raskin wrote to Goodell. “You now have an opportunity to show the American people – and most importantly, the victims of leaders’ toxic workplaces – that you will uphold this higher standard by ensuring transparency and accountability, by issuing Ms. White’s full report, and by taking additional actions consistent with the report’s findings.”

There is no reason to believe that the NFL will not disclose the report. There is ample reason to wonder whether the White Report would have reached a very different set of conclusions with Snyder’s sale of the team than it would have if Snyder had dug in on his heels and refused to sell.

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Yes, some might say this is a conspiracy theory. But White began her investigation in February 2022. Why didn’t she complete it?

It’s reasonable to think that she waited because the league (her client) wanted her to wait, with the careful understanding (or otherwise) that if Snyder finally pulled out, she wouldn’t have reached the kind of conclusions she would have made him run.

Snyder reached an agreement to sell the team to a group led by Josh Harris. The NFL plans to meet to consider approving the deal on July 20.

After the sale is approved, we believe the league will release a sanitized and whitewashed report from White finding inconclusive evidence to support the allegations against the team and Snyder.