December 11, 2023

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Rise of Variations: “There are Concerns Mutations”

Variations of COVID are still increasing everywhere in Quebec, show data from the Institute National de Santo Public to Quebec (INSPQ).

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BA.2, which accounted for 42.7% of cases in the province on April 17, lost some ground to BA.2.12.1, a significant increase.

BA.2.12.1, coming mainly from the United States, represented only 0.4% of cases on April 17, while as of May 22, it was found in 14% of cases.

Undetectable BA.4 and BA.5 on April 17 were rising, at 2.3% for BA.4 and 3.6% for BA.5, respectively.

“BA.4 and BA.5 reproduce rapidly. It is estimated that BA.2.12.1 doubles in five and a half days, while BA.4 and BA.5 require 4 and a half days. In the Middle Ages, they won the war, ”explains pharmacist Diane Lamar in his section with Mario Dumont.

The increase in infections, among other things, is explained by the mutation of the virus, which makes the vaccine less effective.

“There are worrying mutations. We know certain mutations in the genes that cause these variants to escape immunity. BA4 and BA.5 unfortunately have these mutations that raise fears that even those who have been partially or completely vaccinated will be well protected against these two types. Antibodies that do not identify them as enemies, ”he gives an example.

These differences illustrate the significant increase in cases, especially in France and Portugal.

“In France, between Wednesday and now Friday, it has increased tremendously. They are a little worried, but not much,” Ms. Lamarre noted.

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So traveling Canadians, vacationers, can bring these types home.