July 20, 2024

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Road Rage: Two fathers kill each other trying to reach the other’s daughter

Road Rage: Two fathers kill each other trying to reach the other’s daughter

Two fathers have taken the concept of road rage to another level by trying to shoot each other, each attacking the other’s daughter. However, only the second shooter will be charged because of the water bottle.

The incredible story, revealed by “USA Today” on Tuesday, happened last October in Florida.

William Hale, 36, and Frank Allison, 44, were each returning home with their families when they got into trouble on the road, according to police investigation results obtained by the newspaper. While versions differ on how the collision began, they both agreed that the two had multiplied each other’s dangerous maneuvers, accelerating and suddenly braking as they tried to cut each other off.

The confrontation escalated until Hale decided to throw a water bottle at Alison from his vehicle.

In retaliation, Frank Allison pulled out a handgun and opened fire on William Hale’s vehicle, hitting his 5-year-old daughter in the leg instead. Hale, who had a gun in his hand, fired seven or eight times. A bullet hit Alison’s 14-year-old daughter in the back.

Both children were hospitalized but survived their injuries.

Following the shooting, both were arrested and a case should be registered against them. However, after an investigation, authorities ruled that only one of the two was fit to be charged with attempted murder.

Under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law — a law that grants the right to use “reasonable force” in self-defense — authorities believed that the water bottle thrown by William Hale gave Frank Allison a sufficient right to fire back.

“There was liquid inside the water bottle, and [Hale] He threw it with malicious intent, intending it to enter Alison’s vehicle and strike one of its occupants. Therefore, the bottle could qualify as a deadly projectile,” Assistant State’s Attorney Roth Houband assessed, in a decision published by “USA Today.”

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“William Hale’s actions justify the use of deadly force by Frank Allison,” he added.

So the father of the first shooter will face no charges, while the second must answer to three counts, including attempted murder.