April 23, 2024

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Russian forces approach another nuclear facility

Russian forces approach another nuclear facility

On Friday, the Russian military advanced again towards the construction of a nuclear plant in Ukraine.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas GreenfieldLinda Thomas Greenfield Energy and Environment – Russian Takeover Raises Nuclear Concerns Russian Attack Renews Nuclear Concerns Overnight Defense and National Security: Attack on Ukraine Nuclear Plant Concern Washington More He told the United Nations Security Council that Russian forces are gradually approaching the Ukrainian nuclear reactor in Yuzhnoukrainsk, According to Fox News.

The news site noted that the report comes just a day after Russian forces attacked Ukraine’s largest nuclear facility.

And Thomas Greenfield warned during Friday’s emergency session that the nuclear power plant in Yuzhnokrainsk was in “imminent danger”.

“Russian forces are now 20 miles away, which is close to Ukraine’s second largest nuclear facility,” she said. So this imminent danger continues.”

Earlier in the session, Thomas Greenfield noted that Russia’s focus on nuclear plants could be a problem for Ukraine.

“Nuclear facilities cannot become part of this conflict,” Fox News quoted Thomas Greenfield as saying. “Reliable electricity is vital to a nuclear facility, as are diesel generators and backup fuel. Safe transit corridors must be maintained. Russia must halt any additional use of force that could put all 15 operable reactors across Ukraine at greater risk — or interfere with the capacity of Ukraine is committed to maintaining the safety and security of its 37 nuclear facilities and the surrounding population.”

Russia has previously seized the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, forcing the workers there to work at gunpoint. The fighting also took place near Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear plant, which was shut down earlier in the week.

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Thomas Greenfield Condemned previous attacks on nuclear facilities as “reckless and dangerous”.

Last night’s attack by Russia put Europe’s largest nuclear power in grave danger. It was incredibly reckless and dangerous. It said at the time that it threatens the safety of civilians across Russia, Ukraine and Europe.