March 30, 2023

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Russian soldiers leave the body of a Ukrainian man in the trunk of a car with a mine: Politico

Russian soldiers leave the body of a Ukrainian man in the trunk of a car with a mine: Politico
  • Russian soldiers booby the corpse of a Ukrainian man in the trunk of his car, According to Politico.
  • His wife discovered his body and later brought in Ukrainian troops to help move him, fearing he might fall into a trap.
  • And when they tried to pull him out of the trunk with a rope, the car “exploded in a ball of flame.”

Russian soldiers killed a volunteer of the Ukrainian army on the outskirts of Kyiv and left his body in the trunk of his car equipped with a mine that later exploded when Ukrainian forces tried to move him, According to Politico.

Lyudmila Kirbach, the widow of the soldier, told Politico that she and her husband, Oleksandr, “did everything together.”

Kirbach told the enforcer that the day after the invasion began in late February, Oleksandr, a mechanic, organized volunteer fighters in his village of Kalinivka, near Kyiv.

By March 1, days after Russian forces had encroached on their village, Oleksandr’s friends set out in command to see if they could get more information about Russian troop movements up close. Christopher Miller told a Politico reporter that after they failed to return, he set out to find them.

“He said he would be back soon,” Lyudmila told Politico. Oleksandr never came back, could not sleep, Lyudmila set out the next day with her friends to find him.

She told Politico that she noticed his sedan on the road, the keys in the ignition but no passengers in the car.

Lyudmila’s friend noticed that the torso was punctured with bullets, according to the report, and they opened the box to find Oleksandr’s body. Her friend pulled her away from the car, fearing the trunk might be booby-trapped, she explained to the outlet.

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By March 4 they returned to the scene with Ukrainian soldiers.

According to the news, the soldiers tied ropes to his limbs and moved away from the car to slowly pull the car and see if the car was ready or not. Immediately after they pulled out, the car “exploded in a ball of flame.” Lyudmila told Politiko that Russian soldiers had laid a heavy mine under Oleksandr’s command.

“Lyudmila picked up the pieces of the man she had spent decades with and put them in a box,” Politico reported. Later, she buried him in the garden where they used to grow vegetables together.

in April, The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported That Russian attacks on civilians extended beyond artillery attacks, with officials saying they revealed booby-trapped booby traps scattered throughout cities including Kyiv and Mariupol.

“The Russian Federation is at war not only with the Ukrainian Armed Forces but also at war with the civilian population of Ukraine, in flagrant violation of the law of war,” The statement said.“While the retreating Russian military is setting up traps on a large scale, prohibited by international law, even in food establishments, private residences, and human corpses.”

Ukrainian authorities last month Discover a mass grave in Bucha, near Kyiv, claiming that Russian soldiers killed and buried at least 360 Ukrainians in a 45-foot trench. Journalists who visited Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian forces also reported the presence of civilian bodies in their homes, on the street, and in the glass factory in the suburb.