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Samsung’s Z Fold 4 has passed its durability tests, but how will it hold up in the long run?

Samsung's Z Fold 4 has passed its durability tests, but how will it hold up in the long run?

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 It is the latest in Samsung’s affordable foldable series JerryRigEverything’s torture test Displays appliances for razors, lighters, and a bunch of dirt. Like the 3 . fold And the fold 2 Before it, the Fold 4 had managed to survive the test, albeit with a few scratches and some burnt pixels.

But the real question is whether the Fold 4 can stand the test of time. Samsung has taken significant steps towards improving the durability of its lines of foldable devices, Which makes it water resistantIn addition to adding stronger screens with a more solid aluminum frame. And while the company released videos – both this year And the the last Designed to inspire confidence about their hardware’s durability, but still doesn’t indicate how well they’ll work with years of use.

Users reported encountering various issues, including cracked screens And the Noticeable wrinkles, shortly after buying the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Fold 3 devices last year. But even if users did not have problems when buying the foldable device last year, for some owners they are starting to appear Currently. By Zoe Kleinman, BBC Technology Editor, Posted on Twitter That her Galaxy Z Flip 3 has developed a crack where the device wrinkles, rendering the bottom and top half of the device unusable. many of Users on me reddit They were also placed in similar situations months after their purchase.

first release The Galaxy Z Fold has lagged significantly in 2019 due to a faulty screen, and Samsung has clearly come a long way since then. while Samsung Announces Z Fold 4 as “an incredible technology designed to last”, as he describes it It’s Z Flip 4 as having “serious durability [that] It allows you to flex and flip to your heart’s content and lasts 200,000 times. While this may be true in lab conditions, daily wear and tear over a long period of time can be hard to predict.

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Fortunately, Samsung has downgraded Screen repair cost on Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 To $29 – but only if you subscribe to Samsung’s Care Plus service, which It costs from $8 to $11 a monthDepending on the device you purchased. Without the plan (and if it’s not covered by the warranty), you might run out Even pay $499 For Z Fold 4 internal screen replacement or $357 to repair it. The Z Flip 4 is slightly less expensive, costing $349 to replace the interior screen and $219 to repair. However, first- and second-generation Flip and Fold devices (assuming you still have one that you don’t need to replace) are eligible for cheaper one-time screen replacements starting at $119.