June 17, 2024

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Satellite images show new Russian deployments on the Ukrainian border

Satellite images show new deployments of Russian troops and military equipment on the Ukrainian border, an American company promised Sunday.

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The images show “various new armored equipment and troops” leaving military bases in forests and fields 14 to 30 km from the Russia-Ukraine border.

These new photos, taken on Sunday, show tracks of vehicles crossing snow-covered fields surrounded by forests and roads. You can see many buildings there.

According to the Colorado-based company, analysis of images and other images taken on Sunday and February 13 indicates the movement of troops and equipment near three locations in southwestern Russia.

“Today most of the combat units and support equipment in Soloti are out of the scene, and some convoy of many vehicle tracks and armored equipment can be seen throughout the area,” Maxer explained.

“Some equipment has been used in a field about 15 kilometers north of the Ukrainian border, east of Russia’s nearest town Valyuki.”

“In addition, many new deployments have been found on the ground northwest of Belgorod (about 30 kilometers from the border with Ukraine), with most equipment and troops stationed in or near the jungle,” the U.S. agency said.

“Other enterprise-level units are used in agriculture and / or industrial areas.”

In recent weeks, the United States and its Western allies have estimated that Russia has deployed 150,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, raising fears of an immediate invasion of Ukraine in Washington.

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“40 to 50% (troops) are on the offensive. They have been involved in a tactical meeting for the past 48 hours, “a US official told reporters Friday.

Moscow denies any attack plans, but guarantees that Ukraine will never join NATO and that Western powers will withdraw their forces from Eastern Europe, which the United States and its allies deny.