June 16, 2024

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Scenes of panic after gunshots at America’s largest mall

Scenes of panic after gunshots at America’s largest mall

A shooting at the Mall of America, the country’s largest shopping center located on the outskirts of Minneapolis (north), on Thursday created panic, according to police who said they were responding to an “incident in progress”.

Images circulating on social media, which were not immediately identifiable, showed families leaving the massive shopping complex with no less than 500 stores.

“Mall of America is currently in custody,” the mall’s management tweeted, saying it was an “isolated” incident confined to one store it did not identify.

“Please remain in a safe place until security measures are lifted,” the shopping center’s management said.

A video posted on Twitter appears to show a man screaming inside a Nike store. Some scenes are coming soon.

Another video shows terrified families running or dragging children in pushchairs.

We hear the message sent over the loudspeakers: “Be careful, if you are not yet in a safe place, seek shelter immediately”.

“We are currently responding to an incident on the north side of the Mall of America,” tweeted police in Bloomington, a south suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Several police officers are on site,” police said without reporting any casualties.

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