February 23, 2024

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Secret documents leak: FBI arrests 21-year-old | War in Ukraine

Secret documents leak: FBI arrests 21-year-old |  War in Ukraine

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed he was a 21-year-old Air National Guard member.

Jack Teixeira, a specialist in intelligence, was arrested without incident He was taken into custody at a residence in Titan. According to CNN, he is expected to appear in court in Boston on Friday.

Mr. from Swansea, Massachusetts. Investigators believe Teixeira led an online chat group that leaked documents with sensitive content.

These leaks are a Willful and criminal actThe Pentagon said.

It’s worrying

Documents on Military Strategy by US IntelligenceNATO The conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which is highly secretive, has been circulating on various online platforms for weeks.

The leak is said to have occurred in a popular Discord chat group among online gamers. According to the forum member, an unidentified person started sharing documents they claimed were classified because people were discussing war and peace.

Xavier Tiedelman, former French military pilot and editor of the magazine Air and Universe, it is not surprising to see classified documents appearing on these forums. In the interview Afternoon informationHe says he should be worried about this situation which is not new.

Although this has already happened two or three times, it continues despite the warnings of American soldiers who know all the dangers they may face if the documents are brought out. »

A quote Xavier Tiedelman, former French military pilot

He recalled that months earlier, secret documents about tanks in use had been circulated on forums dedicated to war games. War thunderTo demand more realism from developers.

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It happened [pour] Many types of weapons over the yearsHe adds that because the military uses some video games for training.

The US Department of Justice last week opened a criminal investigation into the classified Pentagon Papers. Discord officials said they are cooperating with law enforcement.

For his part, US President Joe Biden, who traveled to Dublin, said on Thursday that he Worried that this happenedBut don’t see any immediate dangers associated with this leak.

Documents released online reveal U.S. intelligence concerns about the possibility of a Ukrainian counterattack against Russian forces due to training and supply issues.

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