May 23, 2024

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Sex with multiple students: A teacher gets pregnant with a 16-year-old

Sex with multiple students: A teacher gets pregnant with a 16-year-old

A teacher awaiting trial for sexual activities with a teenager has allegedly used her bail to have an inappropriate relationship with a second 15-year-old student.

“Mrs Joynes is his teacher. They stayed in touch during his suspension and moved into his apartment when he was 15. They kissed, and after he turned 16, they began full-on sex […] “She found she was pregnant,” Crown prosecutor Joe Allman recounted at the beginning of the teacher’s trial on Monday, “The Independent” reported.

On Monday, Rebecca Joynes, 30, appeared in court in Manchester, UK, to answer six counts of sexual activity with a minor, including two with a trusted person, the British newspaper said.

The 30-year-old was suspended after allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a young woman, allegedly buying a Gucci belt from her worth £345 – about $590 – before taking her home twice to have sex.

After filing the charges, which would have led to his suspension, the thirty-year-old allegedly re-offended a second student he had an affair with.

But much to her surprise, the woman became pregnant with a boy, even though she thought she could not have a baby because of the polycystic ovarian syndrome she suffers from, the lawyer noted, according to “The Independent.” .

“Remarkably and, to be fair, very shamefully, this all happened while Ms. Joynes was on bail in this court. Of course, she cannot deny this sexual relationship because she became pregnant and gave birth,” Joe Allman continued to the jury.

However, the author has denied all the allegations against him. However, he was reportedly fired from the high school where he taught.

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British media reported that his jury trial is continuing.