April 13, 2024

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Sexuality: A new trend makes them uncomfortable

Sexuality: A new trend makes them uncomfortable

“Sexting,” the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos, is growing in popularity among young people, and it can sometimes have unintended consequences.

News.com recently conducted a survey in Australia and found that 45% of under-30s admitted to sending or receiving revealing photos. 22% of 30 to 49 year olds have already sent a photo of themselves completely naked.

Unfortunately, for some people, “sexting” goes wrong, the report said New York Post.

One woman told News.com that she accidentally mistook the recipient. Her nude photo was supposed to be sent to the person she was dating, but her mother received it. As a dinner was planned for that evening, she had to live with the consequences of her mistake.

Another woman said she thought she was in love with a man before realizing he was confused about his responses because he practiced “sexting” with several women at once.

Psychologist Carly Tober says that while “sexting” may seem modern, humans have always found original ways to communicate their attraction.

“As soon as humans were able to text with the first cellphones, people started using this technology to send sexually explicit messages,” he recalls.

Carly Tober explains that as the use of technology increases, the number of sexters is increasing.

“I love the attention”

Meanwhile, Melbourne model and sexting expert Simone said she doesn’t send partially-nude pictures of herself unless she’s satisfied with the urge.

“I’ve always been into ‘sexting’, I don’t send pictures where I’m completely naked, but I do send sexy scenes. I like the attention it gives me, it makes me very horny,” she said, making sure to get consent first.

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However, she had a bad experience. She accidentally sent a video of herself enjoying herself to one of her best friends.

On another occasion, Simone had to take her phone from someone close to her because she accidentally scrolled through her photos.

“Just!” She said jokingly. According to him, it is a way of expressing his love to his partner.

However, sex expert Chris Fox has urged the public to be vigilant.

“When we put something in the public domain, we no longer control it,” he said. I always recommend that people don’t include faces or unique features in their body photos. It’s a privacy protection measure.”