April 14, 2024

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Shinzo Abe Assassination: What We Know About the Suspect

Shinzo Abe Assassination: What We Know About the Suspect

The suspect arrested in the assassination of Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe on Friday was Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, who confessed to shooting the former leader with a homemade weapon, police said.

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Here’s what we know so far.

Who is Tetsuya Yamagami?

The suspect told police that he had served in the Japan Navy’s Maritime Self Defense Force for three years since 2002.

Most recently, he worked at a factory in western Japan for about a year and a half, but left last May, according to local media. “His attitude at work is not a problem. I am surprised and shocked,” his former superior Mainichi told the newspaper.

According to police, Yamagami spoke to investigators “incoherently” after the attack.

Former college mates interviewed by state broadcaster NHK described him as quiet but not reclusive, good at sports and studies.

How does it look?

In the attack scenes, Yamagami wears brown cargo pants and a gray polo shirt. His mouth and nose are covered by a white surgical mask.

He wears narrow-rimmed glasses and long bangles cover his forehead.

He was carrying a shoulder bag from which he pulled a gun and threw it on the ground when he was arrested.

What are his motives?

“The suspect said he had a grudge against a certain organization and committed the crime because he believed former Prime Minister Abe was associated with it,” police said on Friday.

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He did not name the organization in question, but Japanese media said it was a religious group, citing sources familiar with the investigation.

Both NHK and Mainichi said Yamagami’s family had suffered because of his mother’s donation to the organization.

According to Kyodo Agency, citing sources close to the investigation, the suspect had originally planned to attack the leader of the organization involved, but then moved on to Mr. He decided to attack Abe.

How did the attack happen?

Tetuya Yamagami said he used a homemade weapon to carry out the attack, and footage shows the crude, box-like device with two barrels wrapped in black duct tape.

Police raided his home and seized “a number of firearm-like crafts”.

According to the GG agency, he is suspected of having manufactured at least one of these weapons several months ago, and reports that the suspect participated in live ammunition firing exercises in the Navy.

Police said Tetsuya Yamagami learned about Shinzo Abe’s visit to Nara on the Internet. He would have gone by train to the station where the former Prime Minister was giving a speech.