April 24, 2024

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So when will “Starfield” be patched in the promised add-ons?

So when will “Starfield” be patched in the promised add-ons?

2024 should be an eventful year for Starfield with the upcoming Shattered Space expansion and the promise of important new patches every six weeks. This comes on the heels of updating the game barely in and all of its previous bug fixes Graphics support Since its launch early last fall, and just now…well, we haven't heard much. Anything actual.

The last major update we got from Bethesda about what's coming in 2024 was back on December 12 of 2023. We're now well into March, with one big patch coming and then disappearing, though that's mostly been about visual fixes and more bugs once in a while. Other. They said it also had quality of life updates but I couldn't actually find anything that matched that definition in the entire release. Before that, they made them so you could eat right off the tables. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this is the biggest quality of life overhaul we've seen in Starfield since launch.

So where is all the actual stuff? In the December 12 memo, which was literally just Developer comment on Reddit, they mentioned things like city maps and “a whole new way to travel” which many players took to mean land vehicles. Personally, I was hoping for a “new way to travel” that included fewer loading screens, but they didn't share any details. Official edit support was also promised, but…yeah, there's none of it here. None of them have been dated to “sometime in 2024.” It also makes sense for ship and base builders to get new additions as well, since Fallout has added a lot of those things over time. Again though, nothing has been released, nothing has been mentioned.

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If we follow the “every six weeks” corrections rhythm, the next correction should be in mid-March. No, Starfield is not a live service, but you don't need to be a live service to have open communication with fans, frequent patches to rebalance, add quality of life features, or simple additions. Baldur's Gate 3 has been loaded with huge and often quite significant patches since launch, and Starfield, by contrast, has done absolutely nothing in about six months. It's very strange.

I think mod support specifically could help Starfield find at least some amount of new life, as has happened with previous Bethesda games, and there's a lot of potential there. No, many of Starfield's core issues will never be fixed, but new additions or just fixing quality of life issues could really help the game. Instead, all we have is very old reviews and the most relevant news cycle for the game focusing on whether or not Microsoft will release it on PlayStation (it hasn't. Not yet, at least).

I have no idea what Bethesda's plan is here for Starfield, but their communications have been atrocious and their patch timeline has been basically non-existent. The idea was to do better starting in 2024, but so far, with one patch out and another coming soon, it doesn't seem like much has changed at all.

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