June 15, 2024

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Sony withdraws interview with Neil Druckman due to “major errors and inaccuracies”

Sony withdraws interview with Neil Druckman due to “major errors and inaccuracies”

Last week, Sony published (It has now been archived) Question and answer with We delay Creator on “The Evolution of Storytelling.” In the interview, Druckmann talked about the role of AI in game development, the impact of new technologies on storytelling, advice for new creators, and his hopes for his dream project.

“Furthermore, AI will truly revolutionize how content is created, although it raises some ethical issues that we need to address. Thanks to technologies such as AI and the ability to capture motion live from home, we are working to reduce costs and technical hurdles, making It opens the door for us to take on more adventurous projects and push the boundaries of storytelling in games.

Druckmann also expanded on other uses for AI, saying: “AI will allow us to create accurate dialogue and characters, and expand creative possibilities. However, it is important to target these tools precisely to achieve the desired results.

Additionally, Druckmann shared his aspirations for future games, expressing his excitement for Naughty Dog’s next project: “I’m excited to see this new game resonate, especially after the success of The last of usbecause it could redefine prevailing perceptions of gaming.

However, his comment about “redefining mainstream perceptions of gaming” is what appears to be the reason Sony pulled the interview. Shortly after Sony published the Q&A, Druckmann wrote on social media explaining that his statement had been misquoted.

“While editing my rambling answers in my recent interview with Sony, I unfortunately lost some of my words, context, and intentions.” He posted on X Share his full, unedited comments.

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A few days after making this statement, Sony announced that instead of adding Druckmann’s clarification, it had removed the entire interview, saying: “[We] They found many significant errors and inaccuracies that do not represent his views and values ​​(including topics such as animation, writing, technology, artificial intelligence, and future projects).”