June 15, 2024

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SpaceX Employment Ramps for T-Mobile Starlink’s Cell Service Partnership

SpaceX ramps hiring for T-Mobile Starlink cell service partnership

SpaceX is ramping up recruitment efforts for its T-Mobile Starlink cellular service partnership. Last month, SpaceX and T-Mobile They announced their new partnership To end mobile dead zones. According to a post from SpaceX’s Senior Director of Satellite Engineering, There are three new jobs that SpaceX currently employs.

All of the job postings mention SpaceX’s development of a direct-to-cell satellite network that will end the dead zones. In each of the vacancies, SpaceX highlighted the importance of the new Direct to Cell satellite network.

More than 20% of the United States and 90% of the Earth is still exposed by existing wireless networks, negatively affecting communities around the world. Starlink is designed to connect the unconnected device and this new product will greatly expand that mission, expanding Starlink’s potential reach to billions of existing cellular devices. Applications range from connecting hikers to national parks, emergency workers such as firefighters, rural communities, remote sensors and devices, and people and devices in emergency situations.”

SpaceX is hiring Direct to Cell Partnerships ManagerCommunications Integration Engineer and Senior Software Engineer. The last role has more than one position that must be filled.

Emergencies include those that leave communities without access to communications. Elon Musk referred to this specifically during the ad.

“Even if an entire region or country loses connectivity due to a severe hurricane, floods, fires or hurricanes and earthquakes – there are plenty of natural disasters.”

“Even if all cell towers are removed, your phone will still work.”

I Books about my own experience With Hurricane Ida multiple times and personally, I’m excited about SpaceX, Starlink, and T-Mobile’s Direct to Cell. As a T-Mobile customer, I can’t wait to test the service when it becomes available on my device.

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SpaceX Employment Ramps for T-Mobile Starlink’s Cell Service Partnership