June 24, 2024

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Stocks jump, oil flat as Russia and Ukraine fears ease: live updates

Stocks jump, oil flat as Russia and Ukraine fears ease: live updates

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will last longer than Putin thought: General Jack Keene

Retired General Kane gives his opinion Russia waging war on ukraineKudlow“.

Stocks extend gains, hitting session highs

Russian cyberattack targeting US banks and infrastructure: ex-intelligence officer

Brammer Group founder Don Brammer says both Russia And the China It has a lot of hacking capabilities.

Foot Locker failed for investors…

Code price they change % change
Florida USD 27.08 -14.31 -34.57%

foot locker Stocks are on pace for their worst percentage drop ever…

Stocks hit their highest levels in the session…

stock investors Ignore the concerns of Russia and Ukraine …

Investors face another volatile trading session…

Code price they change % change
Me: DJI 33428.98 USD +205.15 + 0.62%
SP500 $4,308.06 +19.36 + 0.45%
I: COMP $13452.73 -20.85 -0.15%

save investors Eye on Russia, Ukraine, and the other on a basket of US economic data.

More hot inflation…

The Federal Reserve The preferred measure of inflation is the most important since 1983…

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US stock futures cut losses…

US stock futures
Cut losses before personal income/expenditure statements + durable goods

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Dow Jones futures hold more than 200 points down…

Code price they change % change
Me: DJI $33223.83 +92.07 + 0.28%

Stock futures It remained low amid reports of Russian forces incursion deep into Ukraine.

Stock futures resume selling after brutal recovery

US stock futures
It traded lower on Friday morning, after a day that saw a dramatic rebound at the end of a wild trading day as governments imposed sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Continue reading

Oil prices rebounded on supply concerns after the invasion of Ukraine

Gold is improving with Russia and Ukraine and stocks are inflated

The luster of gold is becoming more and more attractive to investors looking to protect themselves from the unexpected fluctuations in the stock market triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

gold closed at $1,925.10 on Thursday, a new 52-week high, making the gold exchange’s SPDR fund gain for the month more than 5%. It is the largest physical gold-backed fund with over $56 billion in assets. Continue reading

Bitcoin prices fell back after Russia invaded Ukraine

Bitcoin price
It was about $38,000 on Friday morning, recovering from the plunge caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

drop in Cryptocurrency The price bottomed out on Thursday morning around $35,000. Continue reading

Russia’s attack on Ukraine could exacerbate already high energy costs

Americans are already dealing with the hottest inflation in four decades, and an all-out Russian attack on Ukraine could push it even higher.

The conflict disrupted the global market on Thursday, prompting oil prices
Above $105 for the first time since 2014, raising fears of rising inflation long after Russia launched a massive offensive, hitting Ukrainian cities and bases with airstrikes and bombing. Continue reading