May 18, 2024

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Taylor Swift releases 'Fortnight' trailer with Post Malone: ​​Watch

Taylor Swift releases 'Fortnight' trailer with Post Malone: ​​Watch

Four hours before her album was officially released Section of tortured poetsTaylor Swift has posted a six-second teaser clip for the upcoming music video for her song “Fortnight” with Post Malone.

“At this session, I stand before my fellow members Section of tortured poets With a summary of my findings,” she captioned the video, adding a link to pre-save the album. “Tonight's album. Music video for two weeks tomorrow at 8pm ET.

The seconds-long trailer begins with a typewriter repeating the phrase “I love you, it's devastating,” though it doesn't show the rest of the sentence. The clip then shows Malone and Swift typing away in a stark white office, before cutting to a clip of Swift strapped to a contraption.

There is also a snippet of Malone and Swift embracing in the middle of the highway with Swift wearing a black dress surrounded by burning pieces of paper.

“I was a huge fan of Post because of his writer, his musical experience, and those melodies he creates that stick in your head forever,” Swift said. books On social media earlier Thursday.. “I witnessed the magic come to life first hand when we worked together in two weeks. Honestly, I can't wait for you guys to hear this song.

Along with Malone's collaboration, Section of tortured poets Florence + The Machine will also feature in “Florida!!!” And other tracks like “So Long, London” and “Guilty as Sin?”

Swift revealed the news of her 11th album after she went on stage to receive the award for Best Pop Vocal Album (midnight) – On the occasion of her thirteenth Grammy Award win (her lucky number). The singer posted a photo of the album cover shortly after the announcement, along with lyrics that appear to be from one of the album's songs.

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“And so I enter into evidence/My tarnished coat of arms/My inspirations, acquired like bruises/My amulets and amulets/The ticks, the ticks, the ticks of love bombs/My veins of dark black ink/All’s fair in love and poetry/Sincerely, Head of the Tortured Poets Department,” He read the note.


Swift later teased what some speculated were potential lyrics ahead of her new album during the day of the solar eclipse. On her Instagram Story, Swift shared a black-and-white video of a typewriter typing out the words, “Crowd rushing to her fingertips, half moonshine, full eclipse.”