May 18, 2024

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Ted Cruz wants airlines to keep your money when you cancel your flight

Ted Cruz wants airlines to keep your money when you cancel your flight

After the Biden administration issued a final rule last week requiring airlines to automatically issue refunds to travelers whose flights were delayed or canceled, four airline industry-funded lawmakers have introduced must-pass legislation that could undermine those efforts.

like I mentioned the cranelawmakers — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Rep. Sam Graves (R-Missouri), and Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Wash.) — introduced a new FAA reauthorization law. an agreement This will require passengers to submit a “written or electronic request” for a full refund for a canceled or significantly delayed flight.

The post notes that under this ruling, “airlines will only have to pay refunds to a subset of passengers who have the available time and patience to go through the arduous refund process.” The current FAA license expires May 10.

This legislation comes after Cruz tried to pass a measure that would give lawmakers their own security detail at airports. Despite coming from a bright red state, Cruz once again faces a surprisingly competitive re-election campaign. Considering that the young, two-term Texas senator begged for donations on Fox News earlier this month while complaining that “the Democrats are coming after me,” it's not surprising that he would try to appease donors wherever he can.

The provision in the FAA's reauthorization would negate the Biden administration's promise to simplify the refund process for airline customers — which has become a bigger problem as airlines They routinely sold tickets on flights They have no ability to work. “There are a number of airlines that can't fly on their schedules,” United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said last year. “Customers are paying the price. They are canceling a lot of flights but they simply cannot fulfill the schedules today.

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in advertisement Last week, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg declared that passengers “deserve their money back when the airline owes them — without the headache or haggling,” adding that their rule “sets a new standard for requiring airlines to provide immediate cash refunds to their passengers.” “.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) criticized the measure on Monday, Write on X “The latest deal in Congress may mean that travelers still bear the burden of airline accidents,” and that “this would be a boon to airlines, which know that many travelers will not have the time or resources to deal with the red tape.” The process they designed.” “Congress should be protecting the rights of travelers, not lining the pockets of airline executives,” Warren added.