June 16, 2024

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Teixeira, Assange, Snowden, the same fight? not that!

Teixeira, Assange, Snowden, the same fight?  not that!

21-year-old Private Jack Teixeira, an underprivileged young man, is accused of leaking classified documents on a massive scale. He wanted to impress his friends through an online video game site. Uselessness and stupidity.

In the last major cases of leaks of classified US documents, whistleblowers had public interests that made their gesture worthy.

So, in 2013, Edward Snowden warned the media that America’s electronic surveillance agency, the National Security Agency, was spying on the communications of American citizens, an activity that was never authorized and therefore illegal. Snowden’s making it public was a public service, not a crime. And, predictably, no one at the NSA went to jail for authorizing these illegal wiretaps.

If Snowden escapes to Russia, he has no choice. The United States has blocked WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange from seeking asylum in Ecuador, which had already given him asylum in the London embassy, ​​and revoked his passport.

Assange has already served ten years in prison

Australian and British elected officials from across political lines have asked the US Julian Assange should not be extradited From the United Kingdom. Assange, an Australian citizen, had taken refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for seven years. He has been in jail since 2019, resisting extradition to the US. There he will face charges of releasing hundreds of thousands of classified documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and diplomatic cables.

Assange received these documents from Private Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning. Barack Obama changed it He was sentenced to 35 years in prison Before leaving the White House.

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I’ve said it before: I think Assange deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. What did Manning’s US diplomatic dispatches to him reveal? America is a declining global empire, willing to engage in the most nefarious manipulations and schemes to protect its interests, even to the detriment of its allies.

Assange has only served as an intermediary between Manning and some of the major media outlets in the West (The The New York TimesThe GuardianThe the world, Der Spiegel And El Pies) who has published its information which is considered to be of public interest and social importance.

As with the current Jack Teixeira leak case, US Chief Information Security Officers have been jailed for the WikiLeaks leak. Their negligence allowed a simple soldier on duty at an outpost in Iraq to easily access data banks containing classified US diplomatic and military communications from around the world.

Laced assailants allowed to do so face a firing squad… or fall out of a window, in countries like Russia and China.

At the start of his trial, Manning explained in his statement that he was disgusted by how the US government was acting in secret against his public statements.

Treason from yesterday to tomorrow

In the seventies, the The New York Times had published Pentagon Secret Files He unmasked the treachery of the US administrations regarding the Vietnam War.

States, said de Gaulle, are cold monsters. Cheating, hypocrisy, bribery and fraud are common practices of most of them and those who lead them. See Machiavelli.