June 17, 2024

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Terminal Velocity: Enhanced Edition for consoles and PC has been announced

Terminal Velocity: Enhanced Edition for consoles and PC has been announced

Interactive ziggurat announce Terminal Velocity: Enhanced versionan updated version of the combat flight simulator for consoles and PC. The PC version will be launched first steam on March 14, followed by unspecified consoles at a later date.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Ziggurat Interactive:


It was originally developed in 1995 by The ultimate reality (Creators of BloodRayne franchise, led by the former lead developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator), and was published by 3D worlds (Duke Nukem), terminal velocity It was highly praised for its exhilarating, high-speed pace action gameAdvanced gameplay and graphics. update for modern platforms, Terminal Velocity: Enhanced version It will include smoother gameplay, upgraded graphics, faster frame rate, improved sound, as well as achievements and trophies – a first in the game!

in Terminal Velocity: Enhanced version, players will strap themselves into a fully equipped fighter ship and fight across nine enemy infested planets across the galaxy. Set in the distant future, Earth is under siege as hostile fleets from the surrounding systems have begun to strike. As a speed hero from the Ares squadron, players will take control of the fastest and most dangerous aircraft ever built. Outrun and outrun, only a true fighter can make it out alive!

unique to most flight simulators, Terminal Velocity: Enhanced version Puts the fight to the fore. With low-inertia flight mechanics that allow players to tackle treacherous maps, easily roll and spin through treacherous maps, and a straightforward control layout, they will be pushed first into action. To support them in battle, they will have access to seven devastating weapons and many power-ups to vanquish deadly enemy fighters in the air and on the ground. They’ll feel the sheer power of flight as they soar through the skies, fly in realistic environments, and test their flying skills as they fly through dozens of underground tunnels and caverns. It’s all about movement, speed and destruction!

Key Features

  • Updated for modern platformsexpertise The fast-paced action updated for modern platforms. Enhanced edition It includes a fast-paced 3D texture flight with full 360° motion and 360° soundtracks, which makes for smoother gameplay, enhanced graphics and improved sound!
  • New challenges – Achievements and Trophies have been added for the first time in the franchise, which add a slew of new challenges to take on and keep players coming back for more!
  • A whole galaxy to explore With over 40,000 square miles of terrain and dozens of tunnels, players will fight across nine completely unique planets, each containing three levels of intense battles and dangerous obstacles to avoid.
  • death from above – As players fly their way through each world, they’ll acquire seven devastating weapons, and scavenge for life-saving (and enemy-crushing) power-ups, to help them engage in vicious air-to-air and air-to-air ground combat.

Watch the trailer below. View the first screenshots in the Gallery.

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teaser trailer