May 18, 2024

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Termination of nun “without cause” | Vatican Protests Against French Court's Verdict Against Marc Ouellet

Termination of nun “without cause” |  Vatican Protests Against French Court's Verdict Against Marc Ouellet

(Rome) The Holy See has officially protested a French court's ruling against Cardinal Marc Olette for dismissing a nun from her congregation “without reason”.

According to French media, a court in Lorient, Brittany, ruled in favor of a nun, later known as Mother Marie Ferrol, who was forced to resign from the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Spirit after the trial. Vatican officials.

In a press release issued on Saturday, the Vatican said it only learned of the court's decision “through the press”. He stressed that this would “lead to a serious violation of the fundamental rights to religious freedom and freedom of association of the Catholic faithful.”

The Vatican confirmed that Pope Francis had led the inquiry into Cardinal Marc Olette, then head of the Synod of Bishops. Following the visit of the Quebec Cardinal, Valletta, specifically expelled from the religious order that recruited him 34 years ago.

The ruling also raises important questions about the immunity enjoyed by Mgr Ouellet as a representative of a sovereign state, the statement said.

French media reported that the Lorient court ruled that the nun's dismissal was without reason. He ordered Mgr Ouellet, the religious order and two other guardians, to pay 200,000 euros ($293,000 CAN more) in material damages, as well as moral damages.

French newspaper Le Figaro Reports that “differences regarding the governance of this religious congregation, later revealed by Sister Mary Ferrol, were heightened by personality factors” may have led to the exclusion.

The accused appealed the case.

The Vatican often investigates religious communities and dioceses following complaints of sexual abuse, financial abuse or other forms of abuse. He considers that the measures he follows are part of the internal administration of the Catholic Church.

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