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The 7 best at-home laser hair removal devices for men, according to experts

The 7 best at-home laser hair removal devices for men, according to experts

Keep in mind that at-home laser hair removal devices are not as powerful as those you’ll find in a professional setting, so in general it may take longer to see results. “Think of it as a maintenance option” between professional laser hair removal sessions, says Dr. Hirsch. But before you buy one, there are a few other things to consider.

He writes: In a professional setting, you will find a variety of actual lasers that a provider can use for hair removal and reduction. Using an actual laser at home is not very common because it may be too powerful for home use. Instead, you’ll notice that most devices use intense pulsed light (IPL), which combines flashes of light and heat to target melanin cells in the hair, especially follicles, to kill them. Although IPL is not as powerful as laser, it is safer for home use and has been shown to be just as effective in hair removal and reduction. Sometimes you will find IPL combined with other technologies such as radiofrequency to enhance its effects.

Blinks: Many home laser hair removal devices are not rechargeable, so think of the amount of flashes as battery life. A flash refers to a pulse of light, so once you use it, you either have to refill the device (if possible) or get a new one. The good news is that most of the devices available include more than enough flashes for adequate hair reduction for years, especially since once you achieve initial results, you will only need to use them every now and then to maintain them. But, if you have particularly thin or stubborn hair, or are concerned about running out of flashes, look for an option with a large amount, or better yet, unlimited.

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measuring: Yes, the size of the device is important, because you want something that is not bulky, making it difficult to hold and move around your body. But what also matters is the size of the window through which the light comes out. The larger window means the device is able to treat a wider surface area quickly, making it ideal if you want to remove hair on areas such as the chest, legs and back. The downside, of course, is that the larger window may make it difficult to use the device in smaller areas and for detail work. Many devices will get around this by offering interchangeable attachment heads. Always consider the area you want to treat when choosing a device.

power source: You’ll usually find two options: wired or wireless, with wired being the most common. Like many tools, corded options allow for more power, and since these home laser hair removal devices require a fair amount of juice, you’ll often need to use them while they’re plugged in. Ultimately, this means that you will need direct access to a wall outlet while using them.

Modes/Settings: Many at-home laser hair removal devices will feature different modes and intensity settings that allow you to adjust the strength of the light to avoid burning, irritation, and other skin damage. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin or plan to use it on areas like the groin or armpits where the skin is naturally more sensitive. It’s recommended to start on a lower setting and then gradually increase, but if your skin is very sensitive you may just want to keep it on the lowest setting. Results will be slower, but you will reduce the risk of side effects.

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Licensed by the Food and Drug Administration: Most at-home laser hair removal devices make similar claims and use similar technology, so it can be difficult to know which ones are legitimate or not. A good rule of thumb is to look for a model that is FDA-cleared, which means that the FDA has reviewed and confirmed the claims made by the company and has also deemed the device safe for home use.