May 28, 2024

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The bear drags the man’s body from the crash into the woods

The bear drags the man’s body from the crash into the woods

A driver who died in a car crash in Massachusetts was allegedly dragged into the woods near a bear.

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Daniel Ducharme, 31, lost control of his car on Highway 91 Sunday morning, struck a guard several times before leaving the road and rolling down a ramp in the Hatfield area, Channel Boston 25 News reported.

At the time of the accident Mr. Ducharme died instantly and was “ejected or partially ejected” from her 2016 Honda Civic, according to Massachusetts police.

The driver informed the police about the accident around 11 am.

“When first responders arrived at the scene, they found the man’s body outside the car and a bear was seen in the woods near the scene,” police said, adding that they believe the animal may have dragged the man’s body to the location.

“Evidence suggests that at some point the animal was in contact with the victim’s body,” it added.

The bear got away when the police arrived.

The man’s death and the circumstances surrounding the accident are under investigation. The victim was alone at the time of the tragedy.

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