June 15, 2024

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The Democrats and their “Shit News”

The Democrats and their “Shit News”

As his nickname suggests, James (Ragin’ Cajun) Carville has never been one for lace. He proved that again with his latest outing against Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. According to a former strategist for Bill Clinton, now 79, the president and his advisers are completely missing the mark when it comes to talking to young and black voters.

“We wonder why these young people aren’t coming back to the Democratic Party,” Carville said during an episode of the podcast. Politics Aired on Saturday. “Why aren’t blacks coming back to the Democratic Party? Because the Democrats’ message is full of shit, that’s why. Talk about the cost of living and say, “We’ll help you fix it.” Don’t talk about Drunk CASA and student loans. And so it is outside. »

From 6:00 of the video below:

Despite his past accomplishments, Carville isn’t monotonous these days. He caused a sensation recently by saying that “Many Lecture Girls” Democrats lost male voters. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes responded sarcastically to him at X: “Maybe he should start a podcast on this subject. I have heard that men are underrepresented in this field. »

Beyond Ragin’ Cajun’s excesses, here’s some information gleaned from recent studies Huffington Post : 77% of African Americans say they will vote for Biden in November compared to 92% who did so in 2020 (Pew Research Center); Biden trails Donald Trump by 11 percentage points among 18-34 year olds (CNN); The situation in Israel and Gaza and the student loan issue are among the least important issues for people under 30, behind inflation, health care, housing and guns (Harvard Youth Poll).

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