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The first picture of Ryan Gosling as Kane makes us wonder if they ever let a 41-year-old actress play Barbie

The first picture of Ryan Gosling as Kane makes us wonder if they ever let a 41-year-old actress play Barbie

Hysterical laughter, startled silence, and enthusiastic fans were among the various reactions when Ryan GoslingThe first picture of Kane in the future Barbie The movie was released – but the most notable backlash was overlooked, in a manner typical of its subject.

Gosling, 41, has been cast as Barbie’s famous friend Along with Margot RobbieShe is 31 years old as the legendary doll herself. While we love Gosling for his recurring role as the irresistible love interest (Noah Calhoun and Jacob Palmer, we’re looking at you) and his undeniably good looks and charisma, we can’t help but wonder if the 41-year-old actress would cast — or even It is considered To play the role of Barbie.

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Female movie stars and models are known to be disqualified once they reach a certain age that the entertainment industry considers to be “too big”. as if Sexism in Hollywood It is not enough to deal with it, a woman gets a double whammy because of its persistence aging, very. While men like Gosling are chosen to play characters closer to their twenties though Several decades older In fact, women like Nicole Kidman are silly chosen to play the role Mother of actors under ten years old only of them – cough, cough, Aquaman.

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By portraying Gosling as Kane, Hollywood has set a precedent that the 41-year-old actor is considered the height of puppet perfection. If so, the industry had better be prepared to retire from its historical treatment of actresses and offer the same types of roles to women of the same age. You can’t look us in the eye and say Jesica Alba, Jenna Dewan and Kim Kardashian – who are they All 41 Years – Not as amazing (or even more so, let’s be honest) than Gosling in Alleged “old age”.

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After seeing a picture of Gosling as Ken, wearing bleach blonde hair, an orange ABS, and a loose denim jacket, and what sure Seems like a fair amount of icy highlighter and blush to amplify his ‘youth’, we never want to see women in their forties labeled or portrayed as old. once again. It’s time for women to stop treating them as outdated compared to their male counterparts – in fact, it’s time since the dawn of history for just that.

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Polina Porizkova

Polina Porizkova

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