May 23, 2024

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The Gaza War: The Trial of Joe Biden

The Gaza War: The Trial of Joe Biden

With small steps and hesitant words, this battle is a true way of the cross for the old man. For months, Biden faced hostility from protesters every time he dared to participate in public events.

The students, who call him “Genocide Joe,” want him to retract his support for Israel, which has so far killed 35,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children. On October 7, Hamas massacred 1,200 Israelis and took more than 200 hostages.

Camps have been set up on campuses across the US to pressure universities to sever all economic and other ties to Israel. This movement continues to spread throughout the world.

In the midst of the election campaign, Biden is facing heartbreaking pressure within his party: Democratic elected officials are pushing him to remain loyal to Israel, while the party’s activist base — including Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont — is demanding that he demobilize the military altogether. Help the country. The Republican Party, led by Trump, maintains unconditional support for Netanyahu.

Gaza and the presidential elections

A fierce fight is going on between Biden and Trump. A CNN poll showed that Biden received the worst marks for his handling of his relationship with Israel: 28% of respondents approved of him, and 71% disapproved. The refusal rate rose to 81% among those under 35. But polls also reveal that Gaza is not an electoral priority for most Americans.

War was important to only 26% of those surveyed. Immigration, crime, guns, health care and abortion are top concerns for voters.

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Biden also threatened this week not to supply the Israelis with “assault” weapons, including bombs. It’s a bit late. Seven months after the start of the war, Gaza is a vast area of ​​ruins, with 85% of its population displaced, whose access to food and drinking water is blocked by Israel, the UN said.

Biden in his little shoes

To address growing concern among congressional Democrats about Israel’s behavior in Gaza, the Biden administration has issued a terse and rambling statement on the issue.

It asserts that Israel’s use of US-supplied weapons is, in some cases, “reasonable to assess” as “inconsistent” with its obligations under international humanitarian law.

However, the report is quick to add that the Biden administration believes Israel is taking “appropriate steps” to address these concerns. This is contrary to findings made on the ground by the United Nations and major international humanitarian organizations.

Although the UN has warned that most of Gaza’s population is on the brink of starvation and “aid is insufficient,” the report said the US “does not currently assess that the Israeli government is interdicting or restricting transport or distribution in any way.” American Humanitarian Assistance.”

Is it the most important one in other countries? Television screens around the world show the opposite every day at the United Nations, with the support of the 70 countries of the United Arab Emirates, confirming that “the State of Palestine qualifies as a member of the United Nations.” Only Israel, the United States, and a few micro-state beneficiaries of the American supermajority voted against.

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Canada abstained. In the Security Council, the US uses its veto power to block its adoption. And Washington will continue its military aid to Israel.