December 10, 2023

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The GoPro FPV Drone Camera is the beginning of a new era of combat heroes

The GoPro FPV Drone Camera is the beginning of a new era of combat heroes

The Karma drone that went out of business in 2016 was so bad that you’d forgive its cameras for not wanting to fly again. But its new Hero for FPV (first-person perspective) drones reveal a more sensible, laser-focused approach that should help ward off those ghosts — and give us an exciting glimpse of what other Hero cameras to expect this year.

The Hero 10 Black Bones is really against karma. Rather than jump outside of its comfort zone and build a drone with an unfortunate tendency to lose power in flight, GoPro has instead stripped down its main action camera and created what looks like the perfect little camera for FPV fans. You can find out why in our hands-on GoPro Hero 10 Black Bones Review.

When it comes to product launches, this is as close to a guaranteed home run as possible. Yes, FPV drones are still a very good place to be, but a good number of pilots have reverse-engineered hero action cameras to make them suitable for small drones for years. The growing community has often appealed to GoPro to make a newer version of the previous small action cam, Session Hero (which came back in 2015).

(Image credit: Future)

Well, the Hero 10 Black Bones is that camera. This means that we can expect to watch more videos like Tesla’s Gigafactory Swoop Tour. The only real downside is that Bones is currently in the US only, with GoPro telling us “we don’t have a date for international availability yet.” And the fact that it’s oddly more expensive than the Hero 10 Black, despite the fact that “Bones” lacks the screen, battery, speaker, GPS, or the waterproof build quality of its multi-brother.

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