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The irony is doubling the pricing of Crusader Kings III DLC, which is a bad thing

The irony is doubling the pricing of Crusader Kings III DLC, which is a bad thing

Third Crusade Kings

picture: paradox

Paradox released a piece of Third Crusade Kings DLC called in March 2021 Northern Lords. For over a year it has been available for $7, but that price is about to go up to $13 for some reason?

The community ambassador says, dropping a note on the game’s forums:

Effective September 13th, we will be changing the pricing for flavor packs (Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia) to reflect the overall value of this type of content in the future. This means that the current price point for these two products will increase from $6.99 to $12.99. This of course, is changed by the equivalent of regional pricing for your region and may vary. This change will also be reflected in future flavor packages whose cost will be more in line with this price point.

The price change will not affect the price of the base game, the Royal Court, or the Royal Edition — these prices will remain unaffected. If you are already a holder of the Royal Edition or Expansion Pack 1, you are all set and nothing will change for you and your versions of the game.

The price of Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia won’t go up until September 13th, so we recommend getting your copies at the original $6.99 price point before the change happens.

Sorry what? I can understand the desire to charge more for upcoming flavor packs – pieces of DLC that specifically cater to one of the game’s playable cultural groups – on the grounds that they get bigger and more complex. Fate of IberiaFor example, released in May 2022, it has more stuff From Northern Lords.

But raising the prices of existing refills only comes as an ugly move, one unfortunately more longtime Paradox fans than they’re used to. Company games tend to be excellentAnd as much as they muster a loyal following, Paradox’s DLC pricing has been for the longest time everywhere, with Some big expensive offers are dropping While the smaller and cheaper versions continue to change the way games are played.

It gives fans the impression that the company doesn’t really know what it’s doing when it comes to pricing for downloadable content, and a move like that certainly doesn’t help change that. First reply on Paradox Forums says:

My only question is why did the prices change retroactively?

I’ll take it if it’s decided that flavor packs need to be scaled up. Which clearly means higher prices.

But changing the price of the old downloadable content that was worth its price is just… shooting yourself in the eyes of the community.

Science! Sometimes the decision to make a few extra bucks isn’t worth the hassle you’re generating with society, and this definitely sounds like one of those cases.

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