May 19, 2024

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The Last of Us Part 1 remake features an amazing new version of Tess

The Last of Us Part 1 remake features an amazing new version of Tess

Naughty Dog has revealed a stunning new model for The Last of Us Part 1 version of main character Tess.

Shared in a tweet (below), the developer put the original PlayStation 3 character (played by Annie Wersching) alongside the new PlayStation 5, and the difference is pretty amazing. While the clip is only a few seconds long, several rewatches will likely be required for every variation between the two versions, from the intense facial animation to the details on Tess’ shirt and backpack — and even its length.

Naughty Dog Co-President and Creative Director of The Last of Us Neil Druckman added his own comment to the clip. “Annie Wershing” ruined us with her performance as Tess, ” Tweeted. “I’d love for us to better show her acting chops with the first part.”

A remake of The Last of Us has been rumored for a while, but Naughty Dog finally confirmed a PS5 release (along with its official Part 1 rebranding) at Summer Game Fest last week. The developer also released a short trailer for the new version, which has been “rebuilt from the ground up,” ahead of its September 2 release date. A PC version has also been confirmed on the way.

In our 10/10 review of the original, IGN said: “The Last of Us seamlessly intertwines satisfying choice-based gameplay with an excellent narrative. It never slows down, it never slows down, and frankly, it never disappoints. It’s the best PlayStation 3 exclusive And the whole experience, from start to finish, is fantastic.”

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Ryan Dinsdale is a freelance translator at IGN who occasionally remembers @thelastdinsdale’s tweet. He’ll be talking about The Witcher all day long.