March 3, 2024

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The leaked Apple Watch Pro case looks big at 49mm

The leaked Apple Watch Pro case looks big at 49mm

Apple Watch Pro leaks continue with Sony Dixon Coming back with a size comparison, this time sharing photos of the alleged cases of the Apple Watch Pro 49mm alongside the smaller Series 7 and Series 8 watch cases. The Apple Watch Pro looks much larger than the 45mm or 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 that the company is currently selling, as well as the Series 8 that is rumored to be announced on Wednesday.

Size comparison Tracking Leaked cases and CAD drawings from yesterday, which showed a new button to the left of the Apple Watch Pro’s flat screen, along with a new notch on the right side that houses a microphone, a button, and the Digital Crown that now appears to be better protected from unintended pressure — something that can easily happen when athletes wear it outdoors. This watch is supposed to be targeted. Graphics were later supported by Bloomberg Mark Gorman.

Gorman previously stated That Apple Watch Pro’s large display, battery, and durable titanium case “probably won’t appeal to all consumers, as it will be larger than most wrists.” In fact, 49mm will be too big for some, but it’s also too small for others.

For example, I am six feet tall and athletic and find 47mm Garmin Epix 2 Extra Small I prefer the larger 51mm cases. However, my colleague found Victoria 41mm Garmin Fenix ​​7S Sapphire Solar To be a perfect fit on her smaller wrist. However, Garmin watches are all round, so we have to see what difference it might make when the Apple Watch Pro becomes a reality.

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Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Pro and Series 8 on Wednesday along with the new iPhone 14 the edge It will cover the live broadcastStay in touch.