March 1, 2024

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The Mets saves Edwin Diaz, Bullpen in a 10-game win

The Mets saves Edwin Diaz, Bullpen in a 10-game win

Phoenix – Slowly, the Mets began to erase what should have been a comfortable lead on Friday night.

There was Chasen Shreve allowing one run in the seventh and Trevor May a two-round blast in the eighth. But after Edwin Diaz easily netted two goals to start Game Nine, the Mets looked out of danger.

Except, Diaz was left sliding over the board that Daulton Varsho hit over the right field fence. Draw game. Blown save. More questions about the Mets Bullpen.

Starling Marte’s speed left everyone in a bind. The Mets player one takeout in the 10th inning allowed ghost runner Jeff McNeill to score the green light in a 6-5 win over the Diamondbacks at Chase Field.

“That’s a good win for the team, to be back in this situation,” said Marty.

Marte was initially called up at first base by referee Will Little, but the Mets defied and the play was overturned. McNeil advanced to third on the grounds of James McCann to finish second in the inning.

Jeff McNeil scored a 10th inning winning streak on the field with Starling Marte.

“Every extra game is a little different,” McCann said. “Tonight it was more than that, early in the game I’ll see if I can drive him, and as soon as I get two hits I’m going to have to do a job here and get over the runner.” “

Seth Lugo had the last three, allowing the Mets to escape with a win that seemed within reach after Homer McCann’s seventh inning extended the lead to 5-1.

Sheriff allowed a one-on-two stroke at the bottom of the game, and Homer Christian Walker’s eighth-round match against May was a warning shot the Mets might need more than five runs. Diaz’s surprise save was his first of the season.

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Dalton Farshaw is about the rules after his solo career at home in the ninth inning.
Dalton Farshaw is about the rules after his solo run in the ninth inning.
USA Today Sports

“I thought I put in a good show, but when I saw the video I left it right in the middle,” Diaz said, referring to Homer Varshaw. “I made 14 shots and in the bad they got Homer.”

The Mets (11-4) started the night with a 2.10 ERA starting bowler. David Peterson, replacing injured Taiguan Walker for a second straight start, cut that number to 2.07 and the Mets base was installed late.

After putting four closing frames against the Phillies on relief, Peterson only allowed one run over 10 innings in two games against the D’backs, showing things that led to an outstanding rookie season in 2020. Last season, Peterson struggled early and then after That hit the casualty list in June, and they’ll never come back, first with a tilted strain and then a broken foot.

David Peterson plays Friday during the Mets' win over the Diamondbacks.
David Peterson plays Friday during the Mets’ win over the Diamondbacks.
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Removed tonight after allowing one run of three strokes and one walk over 5²/innings.

Brandon Nemo hit the second opposite field in three rounds, and one previous third base ahead of the sixth, resulted in the Mets grabbing a 1-1 tie. Nemo raced to third, only beating the throw from left field on the ensuing Marty Ballad against Oliver Perez, and scoring a goal in the fly sacrifice Francisco Lindor. The RBI gave Pete Alonso a ground to lead the Mets 3-1.

Embrace Seth Lugo (67) and James McCann (33) after the Mets beat the Diamondbacks.
Embrace Seth Lugo (67) and James McCann (33) after the Mets beat the Diamondbacks.
USA Today Sports

The Mets tied 1-1 in the fourth inning by two strokes in good standing against the turn. Nimmo led the two-stroke to the left, after the Diamondbacks two-stroke move the third baseman to the right side. The next hitter, Marty, made a full walk against Zach Gallen and the Fieldor player option left the runners on the corners with one. Alonso’s pop-up jumped just to the right into an uninhabited area for the RBI solo squad. Galen bounced back to retire Eduardo Escobar before Robinson Cano hit the ace on two consecutive balls to wrap up the game.

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Peterson was late to cover first base in the third inning, resulting in the Diamondbacks scoring their first in the game. Pavin Smith doubled over the right fence to start the inning. Jose Herrera’s unique right keeper drove Alonso away from first base, and McNeill had to wait for Peterson before he could throw. He brought the individual runners up on the corners and landed Cooper Hamill in the runs.

Smith ran the D’backs of the fifth inning by taking off from first base on Varsho’s fly to the left with one exit. Smith, who walked, was on his way to third base as the ball returned to the court.

Gallen hit seven times and allowed two hits over five innings. Last weekend, he limited the Mets’ two-strokes to four rounds.

Peterson was just missed by Smage in his attempt to complete six runs. With two wins in sixth, Ketel Marte hit a hard blow to the center that Nimmo almost grabbed while diving. Double Marty pushed Showalter to call in Drew Smith, who survived the inning by hitting Walker after Matt Davidson walked in.