June 20, 2024

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The Price is Right contestant makes show history with the winning bid

The Price is Right contestant makes show history with the winning bid

One freaking dollar.

One lucky contestant on The Price Is Right left host Drew Carey marveling on Friday after coming incredibly close to the exact value on the Showcase Showdown.

Patrice Masse of Grande Prairie, Alberta, had already overcome several hurdles to reach the final minute of the bid, where he placed a $39,500 bid on a package that included a new car and a trip to Miami.

Patrice Massey of Grand Prairie, Alberta, hugs his wife Tina after his historic Showcase Showdown win over The Price Is Right on Friday. CBS

A quick glance at the actual retail price made Drew Carey do a double-take – he stepped back and looked at the card he was holding, leaving Maas in suspense.

“So, let me tell you…” he said mischievously, enraging the crowd.

“Thirty-nine thousand, five oh.”

The show’s rules state that if a contestant bids $250 without exceeding the actual price, they win both Showcase Showdown packages – known as the Winner’s Double Showcase, Electronic warfare mentioned.

Masse’s completely wild guess was “the best pitch in the history of the show,” Carrie gushed.

Contestant Patrice Masse on stage during The Price Is Right during Showcase Showdown, with host Drew Carey expressing surprise at the outcome of the show
It looks like Macy is about to lose him as Carrie delivers the good news. CBS

The Canadian contestant took home a cool $83,068 in prizes, the highest win on the show this season, CBS said.

The prize pack includes a Kia K5 GT-Line; Trips to Milan, Hawaii and Miami; Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 motorcycle; And a group of failed designers from Versace, Gucci and Coach.

Massey’s wife, Tina, was seen jumping up and down in excitement before rushing off to join her husband.

“One dollar difference!” Carrie exclaimed as the show ended. “With absolutely no help from any audience, by the way.” Maybe we should change the old adage to: “It hardly matters, except in horseshoes and hand grenades—and.” The price is correct“.

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