April 19, 2024

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The PSVR2 was designed in parallel with the PS5, Sony says

The PSVR2 was designed in parallel with the PS5, Sony says

the original PSVRImpressive though it was, it felt a little sticky to the PS4 experience. There were many inconsistencies, most notably the exemption from crossing over HDR in the original breakout box — at a time when Sony was really promoting its nascent TV technology. In fact, the existence of the breakout box itself was a testament to how disconnected it felt from the primary console, resulting in a noodle of cables that ultimately became miserable to manage.

PSVR2 It will avoid this issue, as the headset is built and designed in parallel with the PS5, according to Sony’s senior vice president of platform experience Hideaki Nishino. talk with Famitsu, confirmed that while the headset was developed by a different team, they worked in parallel with the people responsible for the console to ensure an overall streamlined experience. That extends to setup, which will only require one cable to run to the front of the new device.

“There is one USB-C port on the front of the PS5, but it’s already set up in anticipation of connecting the PSVR2,” Nishino admitted, via Google Translate. “PSVR still had issues connecting to the PS4 system, so in order to clean these things up, we built it with PS5 from the ground up.”

It’s worth noting that in addition to all the new technology packed into the headset itself, the PS5 support features will greatly improve PSVR2’s immersion. Things like 3D audio and even the system’s fast SSD load times will be benefited by VR gaming, adding to the experience of the headset itself. Couple it all with haptic feedback, better motion tracking, and an elaborate display, and we’re on our way to a real treat!

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