June 2, 2023

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The real Starbuck? He sued a sperm donor who fathered at least 550 children

A serial sperm donor who fathered at least 550 children in the Netherlands has been prosecuted for hiding the size of his donation and increasing the risk of accidental sex.

“If I had known that he had already fathered more than 100 children, I would never have chosen him,” one of the Dutch mothers protested in the civil file. telegram. When I think about the effects it will have on my child, it hurts me.

Dutchman Jonathan Jacob Meijer, 41, is being sued by the Dutch Donor Foundation for lying about his donation numbers.

To avoid the risks of accidental sex, infertility or psychological disorders, sperm clinics’ policies are strict and only allow donations for a maximum of 25 children or 12 women.

The charity should remove male samples from sperm banks, as well as order an immediate halt to its donations.

According to British media, Forties remains on a donor blacklist, but has continued his donations abroad, particularly in Denmark and Ukraine. A red flag would have been raised in 2017, when 10 clinics in the Netherlands had already produced 102 babies.

She reaches out to parents looking for home insemination on the Internet and currently lives in Kenya, where she uses the online alias Root.

“We are taking action against this person because the government did nothing,” said foundation president Dice van der Meer.

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