May 18, 2024

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The Ripple case is coming to an end, but the fight for clarity must “continue” – Brad Garlinghouse

The Ripple case is coming to an end, but the fight for clarity must “continue” – Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has warned that while Ripple’s legal battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is drawing to a close, it is only the beginning of a larger battle for the industry and that the fight for regulatory clarity “has to come to an end.”

Following the disclosure of the Hinman documents on June 13 as part of the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC, Garlinghouse posted a video to Twitter discussing the lawsuit’s timeline and expressing his frustration with the agency.

In the June 17 video, Garlinghouse said the Hinman documents indicated that the SEC “intentionally created confusion about the rules, and they used that confusion through enforcement.”

In his remarks, Garlinghouse was highly critical of the SEC’s actions, calling it a clear case of “bad faith, plain and simple.”

He believes this situation has been present since the beginning of the lawsuit against Ripple, which was initially filed in December 2020, saying that it felt like “a touch very similar” to filing the case “just days before Christmas.”

This is the definition of putting politics on people […] and the pursuit of power over sound politics.”

Garlinghouse explained that before filing the suit, he answered “every question [the SEC] has” and it was never mentioned to him that XRP (XRP) is a security.

He believes that the SEC is “looking to kill” innovation and the cryptocurrency industry in the US, arguing that Hinman’s speech was less about “any single token or any single blockchain,” but more about the SEC’s general stance toward crypto industry.

“This is about showing just how relentlessly the SEC has been carrying out actions against cryptocurrency players, while claiming fake open arms and invitations to come and go, all the while lying about their so-called guidelines.

Garlinghouse further explained that “at best,” the documents indicate that top SEC officials “couldn’t agree” on the law and told Bill Hinman directly that it would “confuse the public even more about cryptographic rules.”

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On June 13, Cointelegraph reported that notes in the unsealed documents indicated that editors were concerned that Hinman’s statement that ether (ETH) is not a collateral might make it difficult for the agency to take a different stance on Ether in the future.

However, Garlinghouse stated that “at worst”, the documents showed that Hinman “willfully ignored the law” and tried to “create new laws”.

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He stressed that the industry must work together as the SEC could take action against more crypto companies in the future.

“Ultimately as our legal litigation draws to a close, for many others it is just beginning, so the fight for clarity must continue.”

This comes after the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchange Binance on June 5 for allegedly offering unregistered securities. A day later, the regulator took action against Coinbase on similar grounds.

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