July 17, 2024

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The second film was pulled from theaters.

The second film was pulled from theaters.

Part 2 of the Kevin Costner film series Horizon The film will not be released in theaters in August as originally planned, Hollywood Reporter It was reported on Wednesday.

After the poor performance of the first film, which made just $22.6 million in its first two weeks at the box office, and after Costner reportedly put $38 million of his own money into the film, mortgage his own property To do so, the second film will be released directly to VOD on July 16 in addition to a yet-to-be-announced theatrical release, according to the site.

Costner has repeatedly expressed his personal passion for the film series, and has cited the task of making the films, which he directed and starred in, as his reason for leaving the popular drama series. Yellowstone.

HorizonThe first of four films, it also received critical acclaim in addition to its poor box office performance. The New Yorker A report was written about it. Horizon “He goes west but gets nowhere” while New York Post Asked in his review title “Kevin Costner Leaves the Business” Yellowstone For this?!” Entertainment Weekly pointed to The movie is three hours long. While part of the film was described as “dull as dirt”.

The Daily Beast documentary critic Nick Schager said the film was “so expansive and incomplete that it resembles a modern TV series awkwardly adapted into a movie.”

Costner is reportedly unfazed by the negative reception and still plans to move forward with the next three films and resume filming on the third in August. A statement from his production company as sent to Rich It reads in part, “Audience response to Horizon And excited to see our story continue. Horizon 2 “It was incredibly satisfying.”

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But studios have clearly noticed the film’s lackluster reception, postponing the theatrical release of the next film to give audiences “a greater chance to discover the first part of Horizon “In the coming weeks,” a New Line spokesperson told the site.

Theatergoers who have purchased advance tickets for Horizon 2 Their tickets will be refunded due to the last minute change.