July 14, 2024

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“The ship is cracking”: Joe Biden is still hanging on, even as his chances of staying are gone.

“The ship is cracking”: Joe Biden is still hanging on, even as his chances of staying are gone.

The noose is tightening around US President Joe Biden, whose days are increasingly numbered before he can run for next November’s election, even if he is still hanging on after a disastrous debate.

Yesterday, the The New York Times President Biden has reportedly told an “associate” that he is considering dropping out of the race. Then, shortly after, his team members insisted he was in contention to stay there, denying the daily assertions.

“These are signs of a shipwreck […] And Biden isn’t on board,” says Raphael Jacob, a political scientist and researcher at the Raoul-Tundurant leader, about the growing leaks in the Biden clan.

But one thing is for sure, the president has “only a few days” to close the gaps and get people to forget his frustrations, as he fumbled on several occasions during last week’s debate.

No chance

Also, there was a meeting at the White House last night with about two dozen Democratic governors, while party heavyweights like Nancy Pelosi began publicly questioning its future in the final days.

And recent polls crystallize that he is no longer the man for the job among the public.

If nothing is impossible in politics, Raphael Jacob believes that Joe Biden will not be able to beat Donald Trump this coming November.

According to him, Joe Biden and his team have only a few days to turn the tide and secure his spot on the ballot. If he wants to give up his spot, he needs to act quickly.

But if the leaks in the president’s circle continue, “it will eat his campaign whole” and further loosen tongues among his party’s elected officials.

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“The Democrats are stuck on a short list of bad options,” says Mr. Jacob.

Choice of Kamala Harris

Charles-Philip David, the founder of the Observatory in the United States, reluctantly believes that the best scenario would be for Joe Biden to resign not only as a candidate, but also as president. President, Kamala Harris.

Charles-Philip David

Courtesy photo

“That’s what he has to do […]But voluntary withdrawal has never happened in the history of the United States,” he said.

Mr. For David, this is Mr.me Harris could avoid a Democratic convention that descends into “total chaos” and maintain the funds and votes gained during the primaries.

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