July 16, 2024

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The Steam Starter Deck is cheaper than ever ahead of the Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Starter Deck is cheaper than ever ahead of the Steam Summer Sale

Summer has many official and unofficial starts to the season, but the real thing for many players is Steam’s annual Summer Sale – which… Valve recently announced It will start on Thursday, June 27 at 10am PT / 1pm ET. As an added bonus, Valve’s starter Steam Decks are already on sale for an all-time low in the lead-up to the event.

Valve is discounting basic Steam Decks sold through Steam’s online storefront By 15 percent to 10am PT/1pm ET on July 11, bringing the price of the LCD laptop down to $296.95 (about $52) in the 64GB configuration and $381.65 (about $67) in the 512GB variant. In addition to the storage upgrade, the 512GB model features an anti-glare etched glass cover on its 7-inch display.

While the fancier Steam Deck OLED, with a slightly larger 90Hz display and larger battery, is unfortunately not discounted, standard decks with LCD displays are still very capable machines. The original Deck offers the same performance and resolution (1280 x 800) as the OLED model, albeit at a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, and can easily run most compatible games on Steam while saving the most graphically demanding titles.

The OG Deck can also play some big open world games like Al-Din ring And its new Erdtree’s shadow expansion. However, the fantastic RPG from FromSoftware is currently in need of a hotfix to resolve an ongoing issue when the game is left inactive on the Steam Deck for five minutes. Also, if you are opting for the 64GB model, make sure you have a microSD card to expand it. This basic storage space may be fine when downloading small indie games, but it quickly fills up with larger games. (Don’t even dream about it.) Call of duty.) Fortunately, you don’t really get any noticeable performance from playing games High quality microSD card.

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