July 16, 2024

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The Story Behind Juvenile’s Back That Azz Up

The Story Behind Juvenile’s Back That Azz Up

Delville At the time, we would just use a sound effect or mute the bad part. But they came up with “Back That Thang Up” and we knew, Well, that’s what’s going to be asked..

Charles Every time one of us would ask the other to call, “I want to hear ‘Back That Thang Up, Back That Thang Up.’” It became like, “This is New Orleans, this is us. We want to hear it. I don’t care how many times you play it, or play it in rotation, or play it on the mixtape, or play it when we play a live concert.”

childish I went to clubs all over town the first weekend the album came out, and I got a real reaction every time the album came out. The same reaction I get now. Women going crazy, shaking their asses everywhere. Everywhere. Old women, young women, big women, skinny women.

Delville We wanted to start this off with a video and thought having him perform in New Orleans at a concert, and capturing the whole throwback element was the best way to launch this record.

Charles It was in a park, in AL Davis Park, uptown, in downtown New Orleans, and it was just chaos.

I am not fresh Every time we would shoot a scene and the director would show it, I would say, “Well, no one is going to believe this is New Orleans.” It’s like, “We really live like this.” After the movie came out, people would say, “Well, where did you all get the props and how did you all get the dog?” And I would say, “This is real life in New Orleans.”

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“Back That Azz Up” peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100, which does not reflect its longevity or popularity. The song received renewed attention after Juvenile included it on her album. Tiny Desk Appearance at the Party In the past year, artists like Drake, Beyoncé and even Lil Wayne have The sample was taken. The song is a staple at backyard barbecues and unforgettable weddings. Many, like Abbott Elementary School principal Ava (played by Janelle James, I find it simply irresistible..