March 3, 2024

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The Tony Awards will continue, and the striking writers agree not to picket

The Tony Awards will continue, and the striking writers agree not to picket

The show, they say, must go on, and indeed the Tony Awards are going ahead with broadcasting their 2023 gala. American theater’s most famous celebration, like many other broadcast events, has been hacked by Writers Guild of America strike. WGA initially Tonys denied a concession to submit the show, but on Monday conceded that the union would not sitcome the event after the producers agreed to the modifications.

“As previously stated, the Writers Guild of America East and West (WGA) will not negotiate an interim agreement or forfeit the Tony Awards,” the union wrote in a statement. Delivery time). “However, Tony Awards Productions (a joint venture between the Broadway League and American Theater Wing) has informed us that they are changing this year’s show to accommodate specific requests from the WGA, so the WGA will not be picketing the show.”

A source told The New York Times that the show “will not feature any material written by screenwriters in its opening number or comedy script”, and “will not use any part of a script draft that was written before the start of the screenwriters’ strike”. Instead, the range from It will appear exposed bones, Distribution of awards and performances from Broadway shows. It’s unclear if Ariana DeBose, who announced the host before the strike began, will still be involved.

Unlike others Awards shows that were scheduled during the strike, such as, for example, MTV Movie & TV Awards, for example – the impact of the strike on the Tonys was the cause of some controversy, even within the union. And very a point The strike is to cause serious disruptions, both logistically and financially. (A recent statement by the WGA indicated that the strike is costing the California economy $30 million per day, per day. Delivery time.) It is a tangible way to demonstrate the importance of the book to the industry from a technical and economic point of view.

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However, the Tonys’ supporters have argued that broadcasting the awards show is a labor issue in itself. The Broadway celebration is seen as an important advertisement for live theatre, which is seen as absolutely essential as the industry struggles to make its home amid the coronavirus pandemic. Blame the problem solely on AMPTP (the studios bargaining unit), WGA member and playwright Jeremy Harris He previously wrote on Twitter, “You can’t negotiate by sowing terror, but I hope our union listens to the voices of their writers who, behind closed doors, are calling for a solution that isn’t the nail in the coffin as the industry struggles to survive.”

The responsibility for having to make changes to the format of the 2023 Tony Awards rests squarely with Paramount/CBS. and their allies,” read the WGA’s statement on Monday. “They continue to refuse to negotiate a fair contract for writers represented by the WGA.”

However, the statement also emphasized solidarity with hundreds of people working in the theater community. She concluded, “As they stood with us, we stand with fellow workers on Broadway who were affected by our strike.” Head of Representatives’ Equity Kate Shindel She re-posted the statement on her Twitter with gratitude toward the WGA, and encouraged its members to appear in the union’s picket lines. “Oh, and as it cannot be said enough: this is still a #AMPTP bug, and writers should not be put in this position,” she wrote. “We can appreciate the grace and point out the offenders, right?”

The Tony Awards will air on CBS and Paramount+ on June 11, 2023 at 8:00 EST.

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