July 21, 2024

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The Trailer for Season 3 of “The Challenge: All-Stars” has been revealed.

The Trailer for Season 3 of “The Challenge: All-Stars” has been revealed.

Challenge: All StarsSeason 3 brings only the strongest competitors. The upcoming season, produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and Bunim/Murray Productions, will feature 24 competitors vying for their share of the $500,000 prize. Each cast member this season has debuted with consecutive episodes. Paramount + On May 11, he reached the final.

Host TJ Lavigne says in diverseExclusive trailer.

Players who haven’t appeared on “The Challenge” since 2003 and 2004 respectively, Ronnie Chance and Cynthia Roberts, are both on this season’s squad, including several of the new “Challenge” big names in “All Stars.”

This is the first season of the Paramount + spinoff for three-time champions Veronica Portillo and Jordan Wesley, alongside Wes Bergman, Kela Casillas, Nia Moore and Sylvia Elsrod. Among the vets who appeared in the first or second season of Paramount+ returning this season are Daryl Taylor, Brad Fiorenza, Kendall Darnell, Killian Judd, Tina Barta, Jimmy Carroll, and Nehemia Clark. Season 1 winners Yes Duffy and Season 2 winners Jonna Mannion and MJ Garrett will compete.

Mark Long, who serves as an executive producer and competed in season one, also returned to compete in season three.

“all Stars” One of the many iterations of “The Challenge” to premiere On broadcast, with multiple international seasons in play, including “Challenge: Argentina”, “Challenge: Australia” and “Challenge in the UK”

In addition, “The Challenge: CBS” will air this summer on CBS, featuring reality TV stars from the CBS universe. After all four seasons on the air, the winners from each will go head-to-head in a global competition on Paramount+, titled “Challenge: War of the Worlds” – not to be confused with “Challenge: War of the Worlds” that aired on MTV in 2019.

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Watch the exclusive trailer above and scroll down to see the individual photos of the cast.