April 13, 2024

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The Ukrainians are challenging the Russian navy

The Ukrainians are challenging the Russian navy

Conflicts over a strategic island, sunken Russian ship, fire against gas bases, response to the coastal zone … The war intensifies in the Black Sea off the coast of Ukraine, which challenges the Russian naval power.

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Within days, according to fighters and observers of the conflict, events accelerated, especially around the Serbian island, a strategic Ukrainian island.

“This is clearly exacerbated by actions on both sides,” a Western military expert summed up, saying Russia failed to establish its dominance at sea during the nearly four-month war.

This updated function is particularly relevant to the use of Western weapons, such as anti-ship missile anti-ship missiles. But it was another anti-ship missile, the Ukrainian Neptune, which sank in April, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Moscow.

This clever plot was a real snap created by the Ukrainians, who succeeded in sanctifying the beaches they controlled from the beginning of the war – west (south) of Kerson – thanks to ground batteries, drones and mines.

Today, “we are at a new stage of war in the sense that Ukraine has new Western weapons such as hornbills or (air-to-air missiles) primrose. That fact must be taken into account. “

Several experts interviewed by the AFP and the British Ministry of Defense echoed Ukraine’s claim last week that it had destroyed a Russian-backed ship near the island of Serpent by a Harpoon missile.

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On Monday, Kyiv forces attacked a gas installation whose flames were detected again by a horn through the NASA base. According to a Western military expert, these were “apparently spread by the Dutch or Danes”. The United States has also promised some, but they have not yet arrived, he says.

On Tuesday, the Russians said they had destroyed a number of drones during an enemy attack on Snake Island, which was considering a landing plan to be abandoned.

Satellite images consulted by experts show the devastation there. Other strategic strikes and attacks had already been seen on this strategic Ukrainian island taken by the Russians at the beginning of the war.

“There is evidence that the island was attacked, but the Ukrainians do not want to land.”

Westerners have actually supplied Kyiv with 155 mm guns, some of which can strike the island, especially Himars-guided rocket launchers, which can arrive at any time, and they have even more range.

Although the war on land is widely documented by militants and their supporters via social media, the naval war is relatively quiet. This information comes back for satellite images, what war veterans are announcing or what other governments that monitor the area are willing to reveal.

The Russians, for their part, are trying to attack Ukrainian coastal resources with missiles. For example, they targeted Turkish launch drones. “The strike took place in Odessa and is visible on satellite images. They hit the hangars, but there is no clear evidence of significant damage,” HI Sutton said.

Now, the British Ministry of Defense notes that “Ukraine’s coastal defense capability has largely neutralized Russia’s ability to seize control of the sea and deploy its forces in the northwestern Black Sea.”

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The Ukrainians have not been able to break the Russian siege, but “it is important to prevent a Russian landing, especially since we do not know how Moscow wants to manage the case of Transnistria”, prompting this pro-Russian separatist enclave in neighboring Moldavia to provoke them to create a confrontation on the Ukrainian coast.