June 11, 2023

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The World’s Greatest Places in 2022, According to Time Magazine

The World's Greatest Places in 2022, According to Time Magazine
(CNN) – Have your favorite credit card and booking platforms at the ready: US magazine TIME and the US news site just released their list of The 50 Greatest Places in the World for 2022.

The list was compiled by its international network of reporters and contributors, “with a focus on those who offer new and exciting experiences,” Time says in a statement.

The 50 destinations where the cut will be made include both classic big hitters and less-explored locations, but what unites them is that they are “thriving, growing and changing,” Time says, “charting a path to economic recovery” and “investing in sustainability.”

North Amarica

In the United States, TIME recommends trendy West Coast malls Portland, OregonAnd the San FranciscoGorgeous coastal Florida MiamiAnd the “City of Return” in Michigan Detroit. winter ski destination Park City, Utahalso gets a nod.

In Canada, the capital of Ontario Toronto And the little surf town Tofino, British Columbiaare the shots, and to the north again, Weissaton mainland Greenland, opens to Disco Bay, the “Arctic Circle Grand Canyon”.

Most popular beach destinations in Jamaica And the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico Also make the 2022 list.

South america

city Saltain the mountainous northwest of Argentina, the village of Chaltenin the country’s Los Glaciares National Park, caught TIME’s attention this year.

Rapa Nui in Chile – Known as Easter Island – and Galapagos Islands in Ecuador Two volcanic wonders made the list.

The bustling capitals of Bogota, Colombia, And the Sao Paulo, Brazilare more than urban TIME recommendations.

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The Czech mountain resort region Dolni Morava enters the list.

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In Britain, the rural charm of a province Devon and town portraitOn the Scottish Isle of Skye, raise your thumbs this year.

Western European cities Marseille (France), Copenhagen (Denmark) , Skillftia (Sweden) and Valencia (Spain) They all nod.

Then there is the Italian region Calabriaancient greek city Thessalonikiportuguese region Alentejo and archipelago Madeira.

Little Czech ski resort Dolny Morava The Lithuanian fortress city Kaunas Make the list, as well as the historical splendor of the Turkish capital Istanbul.

Asia Pacific

India Kerala And the Ahmedabad Among the Asian recommendations, as well as the Japanese islands Sitoshi And the Kyushu.

The capital of South Korea flood Is an important tip, as in the province of Indonesia Bali and the central island of the Philippines Boracay.

Australia the great Barrier Reef And the coastal city Fremantle They both get gestures, as they do Queenstown in New Zealanda center for adventure sports in the South Island.

finally, Bhutan Trans-Bhutan Road The historical silk roads Uzbekistan are some of the least used places in this year’s picks.

The Middle East

Qatar and its capital Doha It’s getting everyone’s attention this year, given that the 2022 World Cup will be hosted next December, while the emerging adventure ports destination. Ras Al Khaimah In the United Arab Emirates also the cut.


Kenya’s capital Nairobi The Rwandan capital Kigali is TIME’s urban anthology from Africa. Franschhoek in South Africaknown as wineries, and Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia Also recommended.

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Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe It is the final selection of the continent.

beyond the great

For the most daring traveller, TIME’s picks for 2022 also include North Pole polar region and International Space Stationwhich makes the list criteria only by being in low Earth orbit.