June 14, 2024

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Their Florida vacation dream was shattered by Hurricane Ian

Their Florida vacation dream was shattered by Hurricane Ian

A couple from Quebec saw their Florida vacation dreams shattered when Hurricane Ian hit the US state Wednesday afternoon.

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The couple owns a mobile home in Fort Myers, a community hit hard by the devastating storm.

“I’m grieving, and it’s not complicated. Sure, nobody’s dead there, but it’s all grieving,” Liz Susie tells TVA Novelles.

Unfortunately the couple’s mobile home, like many other residences in the area, was not insured.

Mrs. Soucy hasn’t been able to get there yet to see the extent of the damage, but he fears the worst.

“We’ve seen the pictures on TV like everybody else, and there are people who have stayed there, people who live there permanently, who have told us there’s 10 feet of water in the park, so it’s definitely going to be a total loss for us. The dream is over, if you will,” the co-owner says with tears in his eyes.

The woman also regrets that she has lost the sense of community she loved.

“There’s a financial loss associated with that, but we’re losing everything in the community that we’ve lived for,” Ms. Soucy says he was worried when he didn’t get a message from some of the residents who stayed behind.

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The couple was supposed to move to Fort Myers in December, but plan to move there as soon as possible to see the damage to their mobile home.