July 17, 2024

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This Republican elected to the US Congress admits he lied on his CV

This Republican elected to the US Congress admits he lied on his CV

Calls for his resignation multiplied on Tuesday against the newly elected Republican to the US Congress, who admitted that he had largely lied on his CV.

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George Santos, who took away a seat from a New York state Democrat in November’s election, admitted in two separate interviews Monday that he had “embellished his CV.”

The future elected official admitted that, contrary to his claims, he had never worked for the prestigious banks Goldman Sachs or Citigroup.

However, the son of Brazilian immigrants born in Queens, New York, flatly rejected the idea of ​​giving up his seat in the House of Representatives, which he has held since January 3. New York Post “Don’t be guilty”.

These lies on several points of his biography were revealed by investigation The New York TimesReleased in mid-December.

Many members of the Democratic Party said Mr. They are calling for a vote to oust Santos.

“The House Ethics Committee should investigate how he made his money,” insisted Richie Torres, another elected official from New York.

New York State, traditionally considered Democratic, saw many elected seats in the House of Representatives go Republican, contributing to their narrow majority in the lower house in Washington. Democrats retain their majority in the Senate.

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