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Three new foldables from the Samsung Galaxy coming this year?!

Three new foldables from the Samsung Galaxy coming this year?!

Last update: March 24, 2022 at 06:58 UTC + 01:00

Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy Note series, and the odds of it returning later this year are slim. But Samsung may still surprise us at its next Unpacked major event and it won’t be unveiling two but three new models of foldable devices – our friends at Galaxy Club They theorized based on new bits of information.

New evidence suggests that the best foldable phone manufacturer on the market – Samsung – is developing two new foldable devices for release later this year, called the “B4” and “Q4”, and a third foldable device known as the “N4”.

We can assume that the codename “B4” represents Galaxy Z Flip 4. Flip 3 was known as “Bloom”. Meanwhile, ‘Q4’ is likely related to Galaxy Z Fold 4, given that Volume 3 is labeled “Q3”. Which leaves us with the mysterious “N4”.

What kind of device is N4?

So, here’s the thing. We don’t have enough information to be sure what kind of device this mysterious “N4” might become. It could be a pair of earphones, for all we know, or a new foldable device. However, our friends seem to be leaning more towards the latter theory, as Samsung may be releasing a third, new foldable device later this year.

However, nothing is certain at this point, other than the fact that Samsung is developing the N4 alongside the B4 and Q4. However, the idea that a third foldable design could finally give Samsung’s lineup isn’t too far fetched. The company is experimenting and offering all kinds of models of foldable and rollable devices.

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Samsung She obtained countless patents related to unusual designs for foldable devices, and also revealed it Seeing one possible future For foldable screens last year. The company is considering foldable display technology for rollable devices, such as the Rollable Flex, and has also designed a foldable notebook called the Flex Note.

But whether or not the mysterious “N4” codename is related to any of those earlier concepts introduced last year. We’ll keep our ears on the ground and let you know as soon as we discover more.

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