July 13, 2024

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TJ Watt on his career: “For me, it’s all about not getting any wins in the playoffs.”

TJ Watt on his career: “For me, it’s all about not getting any wins in the playoffs.”

Steelers’ TJ Watt will turn 30 this season, and he’s reflecting on what he’s accomplished — and, more importantly, on the one thing he hasn’t accomplished: winning a playoff game.

The Steelers made the playoffs four times in Watt’s career and lost his first playoff game all four times. That’s what drives him, Watt told TheAthletic.com.

“for me, It’s all about not winning the playoff“I try to do anything I can do,” Watt said. We have so many changes from year to year and so many new players that we try to learn as much as we can from guys from other organizations who have done it and won championships since they have been in the league. I will do everything possible to win. It’s about not taking any day for granted, and when it comes to action, putting everything aside and getting it done.

Watt’s older brother JJ Watt was 33 years old when he retired at the end of the 2022 season. TJ Watt says he’s not sure if he’ll play until he’s 33.

“I don’t know if I want to play forever, but who knows? It’s very hard to say,” Watt said. “JJ always said he didn’t want to play for a long time, and then things happened and he ended up playing longer. I won’t know until that moment comes. I feel good right now, so I’m kind of living in the moment.

What Watt knows for sure is that he doesn’t want to retire without winning a playoff game.

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